The Cognitive Lens© (since 2017)

The Cognitive Lens© (since 2017)

A tool to unlock hidden human capital in the changing nature of work

"The Cognitive Lens© brilliantly reflects the distribution of tasks across the spectrum of complexity and collaboration which will help shape the design of our business in the future."
(Joel Walker, Head of Customer Operations Sourcing, Vodafone Procurement Company)

"What you leave in the tool is a powerful creation that I am confident will shape the future of our work"
(Karl Burns, Head of HR, Vodafone Procurement Company)

"Given the evolution of the nature of work I feel this piece of work is long overdue. The rise of the machines and automation are playing the major role in the changing nature of work but most discussions seem superficial and without the intellectual rigour applied by you during the piece of work on building The Cognitive Lens©."
(Detlef Schultz, Chairman, Vodafone Procurement Company)

The Cognitive Lens© is a tool to unlock hidden human capital in the changing nature of work. You reach a deeper understanding about your job and are able to crunch routine tasks into algorithm. The result is released energy and time for collaborative high-value tasks and developing proactivity, visionary thinking, empathy, complex problem solving, digital fluency and many other 21st Century Skills.

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Photo by Dollar Gill