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Karl Burns, Vodafone UK

During his 2 years (2017-2018) at Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC), Jakob was responsible for developing a unique data-driven project that helps define, lead and forecast the cognitive future of Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Throughout his time spent working in Vodafone, Jakob focused on his project The Cognitive Lens© Tool' which provided transparency in the end to end process of procurement. Through a reflection on the distribution of tasks across the spectrum of complexity and collaboration, the tool is destined to help shape the design of our daily business. The tool distinguishes areas in which Vodafone believes it should focus an increasing amount of attention, rather than the reality of the everyday job. It is a powerful creation that we believe will shape the future of our work and provides an overarching piece of insight that will shape the profile of our staff over the coming years and help drive efficiency from the reshaping of how we are structured.

Jakob would be an invaluable asset to any department and I would strongly recommend him for a position in your company.

Karl Burns, Vodafone UK Image

Karl Burns, Vodafone UK