Here you can see my upcoming and recent events

Upcoming events

OPERA 2030 on September 23rd in Paris

I will attend a panel with Michael Pleuger, KPMG, Detlef Schultz, Vodafone, and Prof Dr Strothotte of the KLU on 21st Century Skills.

Recent events

HR Summit Human Capital Europe on Nov 26th in the European Congress Center.

I was member of the Start Up Jury, Moderator of a panel discussion on "How HR adapts to new societal changes", and Keynote Speaker on 21st Century Skills in the Cognitive Lens©.

My panel with the Global Heads of HR at BIL and Fidelity International concluded needs to adapt to digitalization, talent shortage, and a looming generational change with strong inhouse academies for lifelong learning. Highlight of my keynote was what the 4th industrial revolution did to our jobs and how we lead this transformation with the Cognitive Lens©.

54. BME Symposium November 13th–15th in the InterConti Berlin

I was Panelist in "Leadership & Change 2025" and Keynote Speaker on "Transforming Talent & Workforce Management"

My impression was that Supply Chain in Germany is strong, self-assured, innovative, and open to digital transformation. Highlights of my keynote was that supply chain managers merely spend 40% of their time on high-value tasks and that 21st Century Skills can leverage the time spent on value-creating tasks.

IBCL (Indian Chamber of Commerce) Symposium on September 24th, 2019 at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

I was Keynote Speaker and Panelist about "Talent Acquisition & Retention: Bridging the differences between India and EU". I argued in my keynote "The Pleasure at Being the Cause" that if you offer clean jobs, reduced to their human complexity, you will attract and keep your personell.

FranklinCovey Conference on June 19th, 2019 on the Ansembourg, Luxembourg

I held the keynote of this fabulous and exclusive event on "Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence". I my speech, I reasoned, how to set articifial intelligence rigidly into the service of human intelligence. 21st Century Skills played a great role to get things done at work that cannot be automated.

ICT Spring Europe ­- Artificial Intelligence Summit on May 21st & 22nd, 2019 in the European Convention Center Luxembourg

I was Panelist with Calum Chace, author, about "Unlocking Human Potential" and highlight was for me to be an advocate of the human mind on this tech-driven conference. I pointed out that algorithms are merely a data-driven extension of the past, whereas humans can think in alternatives. We are not MaxBook Pros on two legs.