How to turn soft skills into hard skills?

How do I take the robot part out of my work?

How do I unlock energy and time to create value?

How do I carve out a space for my brain at work?

How do I unlock hidden human capital?

How do I find my focus and flow?

How do I compose innovative teams?

How do I find my purpose?

Why does this company deserve my energy, talents, and creativity?

What is my staff doing all day?

Is the epiphany under the shower work time?



- Dr. Jakob Mainert reported to the European Commission in 2015 that 21st Century Skills shape human intelligence and everybody can achieve the extraordinary in the changing nature of work. In his Ph.D. period 2013 – 2018, he assessed and trained 21st Century Skills of more than 1800 employees in 60 companies during on site visits in 14 countries on three continents for the European Commission and later for VodafoneNow, he applies, tests, teaches, and develops 21st Century Skills with vigor in practice in order to create a competitive human advantage for you and your business.

Contact Jakob, if you envision turning highly-respected soft skills into measurable hard skills on your office floor. Be well advised about the transformative power of lifelong learning, 21st Century Skills and Mindsets, such as complex and collaborative problem solving, digital fluency, and visionary thinking, and their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a digitalizing world of work.

Tap into his 10,000 hours of experience within the corporate world to transform your business and gain the competitive advantage needed for long-term success. To this end, book tailored workshops, coachings, trainings, and advisory services around 21st Century Skills with Jakob and together, you choose tailored programs for your individuals, teams, and your whole organization.

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